Round House Craw 3-75-inch


Bigger profile bait to catch the bigger fish.

Quantity in package: 6



The compact Roundhouse craw delivers a unique “kick” that will draw bass in from afar. Molded with a thicker body tapering to thinner legs with a ledge on the claw, the Roundhouse craw creates a pronounced flapping action on the fall or dragged along the bottom. The streamlined profile also makes this bait perfect for thick grass and heavy cover reducing snags. As effective as it is appealing, the Roundhouse Craw is perfect for Largemouth and Smallmouth alike.

Poured with a slightly harder plastic to mimic a crayfish exoskeleton

Can be fished as a jig trailer or as a creature type bait with a bullet weight

Can be made with no salt added and rigged texas rig and reeled across the surface with the big claws flapping like a frog

Very versatile bait

Made in a variety of colors or special ordered colors

Fish can not resist their action and trigger reaction bites

Bigger profile bait to catch the bigger fish in dark colored water.


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