About Us

About The Business

The business was started when I decided to put on a bass tournament in October of 2016. The first tournament was held on the Fulton Chain of Lakes and was called the "Fall Brawl Bass Tournament". Over the winter of 2016 I was talking to a friend about making soft plastic baits. We did some research into how they were made and what we would need. We went and got the supplies we needed and with a lot of trial and error, Fall Brawl Baits was formed. We started out with a 5" worm mold and then added a Flapping Hog mold. When I started selling more baits, I added a new mold every time I thought it would be a good seller. I now have 13 molds on hand for many different styles of bass fishing.

About Me

I have always enjoyed fishing and it didn't matter what I caught. About 9 years ago, I fished my first small bass tournament for work, along with about 20 boats and it was a good way for me to start. Later that summer, I purchased a small bass boat and entered a bigger bass tournament with about 50 boats. After doing a few tournaments, I was hooked on bass fishing and after a few years of work tournaments I decided I needed a bigger boat and wanted to fish more. I joined a bass club, fished all of their tournaments, and ended up placing in the Top 3 of the points standings and the year end classic. I enjoy bass fishing more now that I can make my own baits and can try different colors and combinations. It's a great feeling when you catch bass on something you made yourself or when people send you pictures of what they have caught on plastics that I made for them. Since I started making baits, my daughter has gotten into bass fishing more and also helps make the baits with me.